I have been using a Lunette size 1 cup for almost a year now (I am 17 by the way, don’t know if age is important) and I really wanted it to work.But it doesn’t work that well.

My period last to 5-6 days, and the first 3 days is heavy, and the cup start leaking after 6-7 hours but when I get it out it’s not totally full, and when my period is really heavy it’s only last 4 hours and again it’s not completely full but start leaking, which is not convenient in school.

I think my cervix is high/avarge, and I also thought that maybe I still just haven’t mastered using the cup or I need a bigger one, but on my last period I had a really bad experience, I had to change it every 4 hours, it leaked while sleeping when usually it doesn’t leak at night. I don’t know if it’s connection with that, that in May I had my period twice, then in June I didn’t had it at all, and in July it was late.

So I have been thinking about maybe a disc with bigger capacity and with that automata dump thing could worth a try, but I don’t know. Also, I was thinking about getting a Lumma disc, but there is not much review about them, so if you know any information about the brand I would be gratful if you shared it.

Thank you very much for reading this

Red Herring Answered question July 25, 2020