Hello, I have been doing some research  on “the cup”  only because my periods are terrible, I have large clots that come with it. I know it says that the cup can hold up light to heaviest flows,  but one of my clots can fill up that entire cup (so it looks)  will they with stand  clots along with the free flowing blood?

Hi Melissa! My periods used to be really terrible, too. Now I don’t dread them as much. I used to have very heavy clotting and would soak my tampon, doubled with a pad and straight through to my clothing within an hour or so. Sometimes even sooner 🙁 I honestly thought that a cup wasn’t going to last me any extra time but in my case, I was wrong. Even on my most heaviest days, I could get about four to six hours out of the large Super Jennie. That was including clotting. I’m not saying that it will be that long for you, but even an extra hour to be “free” for me compared to how it used to be with tampons and pads, was a blessing! You’ll probably want to look into a higher capacity cup like the Super Jennie large, LaliCup large, LuvUrBody large or Yuuki large. If you have a low cervix, a Super Jennie and LaliCup would be a better fit. Let me know if there’s anything else I might be able to help you with 🙂