So I decided to try a menstrual cup a few days ago. At first everything was going well, it went in easily, there were no leaks and I didn’t feel it. Then one day I started leaking and have since been having that problem. It doesn’t feel like it’s opening the way it should anymore and when it does and a seal is formed, I don’t think it’s positioned under my cervix. I checked my cervix the day before my period started and when I checked it again the position changed. What do I do? I’ve already tried twisting it, putting my finger around to check where it is to no avail and I really want my cup to work :/

I have a medium-low cervix, my bladder is not sensitive, I’m 22 years old and have no children. I’m also slightly active. The cup I’ve been using is called twistie on the go and it seems relatively soft.