Hello, I recently got a Lynette size 1 menstrual cup. I tried putting it in for a dry run and getting it open so that I wouldn’t feel nervous about my first period with it (new user here). Well it went in and I got it open no problem! So I was actually excited about my period. When my period started I did the 7 fold and inserted it and made sure it was opened completely up. I went about my day n had cramps. So I went back into the bathroom, repositioned and continued my day. When I took the cup out there was blood in the cup so I know I had a seal. The cramps just got progressively worse to the point where I was actually puking. So I took the cup out n my cramping slowly started to go away. This time there was also a fair amount of blood in there so I did create that seal again. Did I just not insert it correctly or maybe it’s too small around my cervix or something? My cervix is average to maybe a little higher, I can reach it with my pointer finger to the knuckle. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Moregano Answered question June 8, 2021