I’d like to post a review of Thinx, but when i try to submit it, a message keeps saying I can’t put a website address in my first post. There isn’t a website address in my review though.  I’m hoping that maybe if I post this question, it will shut up and let me post my review, since it will no longer be my first post…but in case that fails, here is my review, if you can figure out what it thinks is a web address, please let me know!

They work, but they are uncomfortable (wedgie after 10 seconds) and expensive. Also, I looked at their size chart and ordered based on that, even though it said I should get a bigger size than I usually would. The panties are huge, and just as stretchy as regular ones, so I would definitely do at least 1 size smaller than the chart, if you decide to try them. I’ve decided to use mine for night time, since I won’t care about wedgies while asleep. I was considering trying another style and/or size (I got the boy shorts, but they ride up so much that they are more like cheekies in the back) but that was when their emails started. As mentioned by several other people, the company sends out multiple liberal agenda emails a week. I really don’t need an underwear company shoving their politics down my throat (and as I pointed out to them in an email, conservatives have periods too!) And it took three unsubscribe requests before they actually stopped. And they never responded to my email, beyond the auto reply that said they would respond. I would NEVER buy from this company again! 

I really don’t see how any of that can be mistaken for a web address…