I bought a menstrual cup just over a month ago, and I watched lots of videos about different ways to insert it, but then when I first tried to use it I really struggled to insert it. I thought I was just nervous and decided to wait until my next period. Today I tried again, and once again I found it really hard to insert it/make it fully open out once it was inside me. Then, when I was trying to move it to make it open while it was inside me I suddenly started crying and shaking and I had to take it out and now I just don’t want to go anywhere near ~down there~. Is there something wrong with me? Do I need to get more comfortable with myself to use the cup, and how do I do this? I’d appreciate some advice, I really want to make the switch to a cup to help the environment, and I feel really guilty and low because I’m finding it so difficult 🙁

Red Herring Answered question July 22, 2019