So I\’m new to this whole process as in today is my first day, and I already posted one set of questions but I forgot to ask something that has been on my mind for a while.

Firstly, I\’m fairly certain u have a very high cervix and that my cup shifts up after a while (I only wore I for a couple of hours eyesore taking it out before bed since I\’m not familiar with it and how it works with my body).

I can\’t feel the cup or stem aside from some abdominal pressure but I\’m wondering where the stem or end of cup is supposed to be? I tried researching but everything but says all the way in your vagina. Welll there are 2 sets of lips, you know. And the stem is within the first set for me but sets between the second set (doesn\’t stick out of them though). Should it be farther up? Or farther out? Should the end of the cup be closer to that inner set of lips, because I really have to dig for mine?

I use a saalt regular right now and I tried the small but it was more difficult to get out.

Anyways, where should the different parts of the cup sit on/in my vagina?

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