Hello, I’ve started to use menstrual cup for the first time 4 days ago. The first 3 days it was perfect and I enjoyed my new life!! I wasn’t sure I’d entered the сup correctly and it really opened up but all 3 days I thought it was ok because there wasn’t a single blood leak, the blood went straight into the сup and I didn’t feel any discomfort. The blood exuding was normal, on day 3 even poor, I emptied the cup every 9-10 hours. But since yesterday morning my bleeding became heavier like it’s the first day of the period and blood seems to flow past the сup (?) and flows down the “walls” (sorry I don’t know how it is correct on English) of the vagina. So when I entered the cup I stained fingers in the blood, although all the previous days it never happened, and the blood started flow down past the cup. I was scared and thought maybe it wasn’t menstrual blood and I’ve damaged something. Now I’m upset and using the pads again 🙁 Сould I have done something wrong for the previous 3 days and damage something? Althought it seems like everything ok… Or maybe I should use another size for heavy flow or to enter the cup deeper/in a different way?

Red Herring Answered question March 29, 2019