Hi all,

I’ve been using menstrual cups for about two years now, but occasionally I am forced to  switch back to tampons and pads because of soreness after using the cup. Currently I’m using a Monki x Lunette cup. Generally speaking I don’t have problems with using the cup itself, it opens perfectly and stays put. But when I take it it’s a real struggle (not that I can’t relax properly and have to force it out, but it just feels too big maybe and never comes out smoothly) and always leaves me with a really sore vagina (inside and outside), and after a few days so bad that I can’t even bike. When I bike using the cup it’s always pushing down on my saddle through my labia, even though I cut off the stem. 

Basically: I’m looking for a cup that doesn’t do this to me. I think I have a low cervix. Apparently I’m super sensitive but the cup shouldn’t be too soft or otherwise I’m afraid it won’t open. The grip rims on the bottom hurt me, the stem hurts me (even if it’s cut off) and the upper anti-spilling rim also hurts me. Help??