I have a nickel-sized keloid scar in my vagina due to 3 surgeries that all went through the same place. I just tried a menstrual cup for the first time today. I got a yuuki soft size 1 because I read that they were supposed to be one of the softest (boy did I need more/better research!). My problem is twofold: the stem rubbed against my scar causing pain, and when I did finally get the cup in comfortably, I had a very difficult time getting it back out. Following tips from the net and YouTube, I cut the stem quite short, and then ended up turning the cup inside-out. No ridges, no pain, but also nothing to grip to get it out. I have a very high cervix and had to push the cup far enough in that it didn’t hurt my scar and didn’t feel like it was going to fall out. I read tonight (after finally getting it out) someone suggested hooking a cup with a crochet hook. I also had the idea to put thread through two of the holes at the top of the cup. Does anyone know if either idea might work, or if either is dangerous?