Hi there,
I successfully wore a cup for 15 years (the Keeper). After I had my first child it kept slipping down and rubbing my labia. It was very uncomfortable. I switched to the after birth size but the same thing happened. I then tried using tampons of various sizes and the same thing happened. I realized that I now have a weak pelvic floor. I now have 3 children so it is even worse. Exercise causes me to leak urine.

2 questions: 1) has anyone been able to find a brand that works for weak pelvic floor issues?

2) I recently discovered (on facebook) a reusable menstrual disk. It covers the cervix, like a diaphragm would. I am hoping that because it sits under the cervix versus in the vaginal canal like a cup does that I will be able to use it. Has anyone used a menstrual disk and had success?

Red Herring Answered question May 28, 2020