I’ve just started using a menstrual cup this cycle. I tried one on my previous cycle(diva cup) but the rim pressed on my bladder too much and was just generally uncomfortable. I got a lily cup and it is so much more comfortable. Make my cramps a bit worse, but nothing menstrual can’t help. My problem is a bit strange. The first day I used it went super smoothly. No problems. Then I used it during the night(cleaned and reinserted right before bed). Next morning I found it had leaked a little during the time I’m waking up(fresher blood). So I pulled it out dumped it out, cleaned it the tried to reinsert it. Got it in but kept getting a little leakage. Tried for an hour to get it in correctly but things got sore and swollen so I had to wait for it to calm down. I waited until evening again and got it in correctly again but had the same leakage problem as I wake up. Confusing thing is, is when I try to remove it, no matter how much I pinch it and move it around, the suction doesn’t want to release and I feel like I’m going to pull my insides out. Any thoughts? I really can’t use cotton products because of allergic reaction in my female parts. So I really need to figure this out. ☹😭

Red Herring Answered question May 11, 2021