1. I’m 44,
  2. only 1 C-section,
  3. I have ‘very narrow opening’ can barely put my mid finger in it and that’s it! this was the main reason I’ve been grossly using pads for years.
  4. Heavy with clumps on 1st,2nd day, light 3-6 days.
  5. Bad cramp esp. the night before, 1st and 2nd day.
  6. not very active but at work tend to get lot of brisk walking.
  7. avg to high cervix (I think)
  8. severely tilted cervix
  9. My Menstrual cup search/experience as following:
  1. Mooncup small (tried 2 yrs ago and gave up)

spent over an 1 hr, finally inserted with great pain, once it was in, I didn’t feel at all BUT removing was hell with great pain, still leaked little (not much, had to use liner everytime for little leaks) after spending at least 1 hr to remove for few times scratching my vulva like crazy, I gave up.

2. Lena sensitive large (decided to try again for my cruise vacation)

spent 40 min. figured out a decent way to get it in still with some pain (better than mooncup). once it was in, I didn’t feel at all even without cutting the stem. BUT! Could NOT get it out!  my finger was just too short to break the seal, when I pulled the stem w/o breaking the seal, it was sooo painful. Then after pushing, poking, It turned completely 90 degrees and hurt so much.  spent 2+ hrs to remove it (almost went to ER.) The removal was a nightmare so didn’t have any courage to try more so just after 1st try, I gave up.

3. Lily cup small

Soft!! Easiest to insert as it can roll very small!! was soo happy. felt relieved no matter how much I push it up, it’s still in my finger’s reach. had slightly difficult to open it but wasn’t too terrible after few dif. folds, BUT…. it was the most Uncomfortable cup when it’s in.  With Moon/Lena I didn’t feel a thing once it’s in (until I try to take it out). This cup, I tried so hard to ignore the sensation but felt it constantly. what’s worse, even when I cut off all the stem, that hard bottom poked my vulva whenever I sat down.  slight difficult to urinate, impossible for bm unless I take it out completely.  But I was still going to try more as I can remove it without killing myself (it still hurts but bearable). however this one LEAKS little bit (and yes I make sure it opens all around) not too bad but enough to wet the 1/3 of liner every few hrs. AND when I walk around, it comes down very little by little, poking me more and more, must push it up every couple hours.

Any suggestion?  should I give up on my cup forever??  I’m going on  my very first cruise and I don’t want to wear the horrible pads throughout my 1 wk long vacation..  I thought about taking the meds to stop the period but due to my health condition, it wasn’t an option. Please Help!!

GermanGirl Answered question July 18, 2019