Okay so this is a strange question I guess not sure what do to about it. I have used the Diva Cup up until. Ow but when I needed a new cup I decided to go with Flex because I had heard good things, here is where things go pear shaped. So the first time using it was fine insertion fine cool got that thanks to experience with Diva removal with a horror show like the prom scene not great can use a lot of work. Anyway after that the cup will not unfold for anything it is in permanent c-fold no matter what I do. I tried pulling the plastic string and restring it to see if it was too taught and that did nothing basically that was my only thinking does anyone have any ideas or experience with this problem. So if this is overly graphic or just straight up silly I just don’t want to throw money out the window it seems like a really good product that in someone else hands may actually work but in mine I have made it silly somehow please help if you have a suggestion.

Red Herring Answered question November 12, 2019