I have been a cup user for 7 years.

I started out with a Lunette and I loved it. It never leaked on me. But…I kept noticing the pressure on my bladder. Eventually I purchased a Si Bell cup which I loved even more. It was a lot softer and I never felt any bladder pressure. BUT my cervix would sit in the cup and it would suction around my cervix so tight that it was difficult to remove. So then I purchased a Saalt cup after taking the “put a cup in it quiz.” It is not as soft as my si bell, but softer than the Lunette. It does leak if it fills up too much (which my Lunette never did) maybe disrupting the suction? But I am still having some pressure on my bladder

Anyways, I am looking into discs as I have heard they don’t put pressure on your bladder like cups.

What should I know looking into discs? I know they are messy on removal. Are any of them “soft” and don’t put pressure on the bladder. What should I look for in a disc?

Where would you recommend I start? I was thinking about buying some disposable softdiscs or flexdiscs to figure it out before investing in a disc. Bad/good idea?

Red Herring Answered question October 3, 2021