I am very much keen in using the menstrual cup but I am having problem in inserting it. After I insert it doesn’t pop open. I have tried to rotate it but I am unable to do so as I cannot even hold the cup inside with my 2 fingers. I have tried to give it a little squeeze with fingers on all sides still it doesn’t pop open. I am confused if I am inserting it too far. I find a bone (pelvic bone probably) as try to push the cup inside. I don’t know whether I should push the cup further inside crossing the bone or keep it below the bone.
Below is a brief information if it can help you to answer my question.
I am 32yrs old. Had c-section 1 year ago. I opted for a medium size menstrual cup. I am 4.10 ft tall. Please advice me. I really want to use the menstrual cup and leave the pads

Red Herring Answered question October 26, 2018