I had started using menstrual cups about a year back. I started with a local brand which was a soft small sized cup. But since I had frequent problems with the cup not opening properly and leakage, I changed to a slighter larger firmer cup (Safecup)
Now I am having a slight stinging pain when I’m inserting the cup via a punch down fold. I also have pain during removal, when my fingers touch the my vaginal wall during pinching the base of the cup.I don’t have any pain while the cup is inside, and only when the stem touches the sore area do I feel any pain. I don’t have any issues with leakage or opening with this cup
I had similar problems with my first cup too but not as frequently.
I’m wondering whether the pain means there have been minor tears in my vaginal wall while inserting and whether it would go away with a couple of uses?

Red Herring Answered question August 21, 2020