I use Organicup size A. I don’t have any problem getting the cup in or out nor opening it. But my vagina walls feels very sore after 3-4 hours in. Its a stabbing kind of pain and cramping. When i used the cup this month -i still felt pain but i thought if i would experiment i would figure it out- my vagina felt sore for 3 days after my period ended.
Is it because i may have low cervix? But the thing is i couldn’t find my cervix before buying it.
Is there something i could try to figure out why its painfull?
Also i seem to be confused about vagina anatomy. Is tip of cervix at the end of the vagina? Is it possible to put my cup beyond cervix(not in it). I wanna figure it out because i don’t have money to spare to get a smaller cup. Thank you.

Red Herring Answered question August 28, 2021