Hello there.
Firstly just want to say thank you for a great and informative website. It has really helped me get a better understanding of the types of cup available but I am still really struggling with which one to choose. I have limited funds so Im really hoping to get it right first time!
I have a medium cervix. 29 have one child.
I think (but not sure) I have a sensitive bladder. I often feel the urge to pee very frequently (although I do often drink lots of water) but sometimes I feel the need to go when theres nothing or just a little bit there. Its only a subtle feeling… Have had mild incontinence since giving birth although I rarely experience this now.
I am fairly active, (working on farm) plus walking and yoga. Im torn between weather to get a soft cup for possible bladder sensitivity or a firmer one for my active lifestyle..
I was thinking perhaps fluercup or a firmer choice may be the lunette but I don’t know if this will cause me sensitivity?
Its difficult to decide because obviously being quite active surely calls for a firmer cup but having a sensitive bladder requires a softer one!
I wonder if you could give me any advice?
Thank you in advance!

Red Herring Answered question June 7, 2018