Hi, I’m 19 and just finally decided to cave and try menstral cups cause other hygiene products were just adding up too fast. I bought my first cup (saalt small) and then did more research after and found out you are supposed to measure your cervix. I think I have an extremely high cervix and so I went and got a saalt regular cup instead and am going to try that cause I had trouble fishing the first cup out (I still may switch to a softer cup)
Anyways I just tried the new cup for the first time and it felt fine but maybe 30 minutes after I put it in I felt a pop! I suppose it just hadn’t opened and I didn’t realize but I went to the bathroom to check on everything and retry inserting it properly. Now for my plethora of questions

1. What does it mean if my blood is thinner after that happening? I have VERY chunky period blood but it was super thin when I took out the MC after the “pop”
2. How do you tell if you have a tilted cervix?
3. Is it bad to take it in and out so often while you are first trying to figure everything out?
4. Are you supposed to pull on the tab to take it out? Can that make your cervix shift lower?
5. Would it be better or easier to try a disc instead? And how would I know if the is positioned correctly?
5. Can you keep it from shifting so high up? Mine gets difficult to reach or pull back down unless I try to like “fake poop” to push it down and then pull it and then shove my fingers in the break the seal

I took it out for now and will try again tomorrow when I can monitor things. It also feels like it causes pressure and bloating but I may have done the angling slightly wrong. I’m going to also trying flipping the fold down tomorrow and letting it open sooner and pushing it up. But would that cause more pressure?

Also does anyone else feel gassy after putting their MC in?

Sorry for so many questions. I will probably go talk to a gynoc9logist about this stuff too but wanted to see if I could get some peace of mind until then.

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