Hi, I’m 19 and just started trying Mc’s yesterday. I got a saalt small but then found out after to measure my cervix and I think mine is very high so I bought a saalt regular today but I may still switch to a soft one by them.

Anyways I just tried the regular this evening and put it in comfortably but 20 minutes after putting it in it popped which I guessed meant it didn’t open before. There was no pain it just scared me a bit since all of this is new so I went to the bathroom to check everything. There was a bit of blood, probably from the improper seal. I took it out and decided I will try again tomorrow when I can monitor things, I will also probably talk to a Gynocologist at some point to get more personal based info but here are my questions for now.

1. The blood after the pop was very watery? Was it just mixed with water from before (rinse before insert) or did I nick something and it’s regular blood period blood. My period blood is usually VERY chunky which is why I’m put off by this
2. How do you tell if you have a tilted cervix?
3. Should there be abdominal pressure or bloating?
4. Do you usually feel gassy after putting it in?
5. Where should it sit? I feel like I really have to dig to get it out even with the regular cup.
6. Does pulling it out with the stem shift your cervix down? Not prolapse it, just pull it down without breaking the seal of the MC.
7. Should I try a disc instead, it sounds difficult to put in place or know if you put in place but otherwise sounds simpler?
8. Also I ride horses and am curious if I will feel this (stem) while posting or during general riding?
8. Also is it bad to take it in and out a lot while you are first testing it out? (Like an hours time frame)
9. Do you boil/clean it in plain water or add salt or something when sterilizing between cycles?

I am going to try letting the MC open lower and then pushing it up to help with the proper seal tomorrow. And I’ll also be testing putting the fold on the bottom when inserting because I hear that can help it to open. For now I’m wearing a pad since I can’t monitor things with the cup with I sleep.

I haven’t feel any pain so far, just pressure when i wore it. And am looking for general peace of mind while I’m waiting to see a doctor. Also I posted these questions before but I don’t think it saved them….. oh well.

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