Hi there! Got two questions here.
1.So, recently I bought my first menstrual cup – the Satisfyer one, with loop. I fell like you might have already guessed my problem – it does not pop open, yes. I thought that I actually need the least firm and smallest cup because im sensitive and my vagina is tend to be tight, but seems like its too soft… I’ve tried all folds listed on this site, tried pulling and pushing numerous times, rotating it, squeezing and releasing it with my muscules like kegel Ball, cooling it down with cold water, squatting, even jumping a little. But it just stays the way I inserted it or become C shaped (my best result so far) – even after inserting it in labia and origami fold, laying on bed completly relaxed and giving the fold a push with my fingers. Is there any trick I missed or should I buy a new, firmer cup?

2. About choosing new cup. Since I live in Russia, there is much less variety in cups on the market. Beside Satisfyer, I’ve seen Fun Factory (but im scared of it), Merula Cup, OrganiCup, Yuuki and some questionable local brands that I do not trust (they seem AliExpress-y). Which cup would you suggest? Some more info: im incomfortable with reaching too deep with my fingers when removing cups because of quite small vaginal opening; seems like my cervix sits somewhere middle to high based on knuckle measuring; kinda middle flow with more fluid on first days and less on the last; small Satisfyer cup feels okay (almost forgot I have it inside + no prob inserting with “pointy” folds) while the bigger one feels a little too much. Im in my middle twenties, no children, 2-3 workouts per week, mostly heavy.

Also thanks for a lot of info on this website! Im really glad I found it and trying cups now, they already feels better than any tampons

Nonna Answered question May 15, 2021