Hi there, 

I’ve been using my trusty old Mooncup for eight years, but lately it started leaking. I realized that it is probably due to *my* aging (I bought it at 27, now im 35), and was wondering what the issue is exactly and what would be a good replacement! 

So, Mooncup would now recommend me to get size A due to age, but I am not 100% happy with it due to the embossed print on in that was always hard to clean – back in 2009, the options were really limited; but now so many other options are out there, so I don’t think I want to get another Mooncup. 

I have the tendency for a low cervix, and I cut the mooncup’s stem completely and I used to still feel it poke out a bit. Now that is not the case anymore, but it’s still quite close. 

I have no children, and lately had the most leakage when physically active, or sometimes even when squatting down or slouching in a particular manner on the couch! It didn’t matter if the cup had been just emptied recently, and it also was not just some residue from the previous removal. 

I do tend for a little bladder leakage very rarely and have a sensitive bladder, but usually it is not an issue.

So I am not sure what would be a good replacement for me: a harder cup to make sure it doesn’t fold during exercise?  Or a softer one to not promote the bladder leakage? A more bell shaped or shorter one for the low cervix? A bigger one due to my age? I am really confused by all the options out there! 

Could you point me towards a certain type? Thanks for reading,