I’ve been trying to love a menstrual cup for almost a year.  I started with a diva cup that I bought from CVS… After losing it inside of my vagina and struggling to retrieve it multiple times I came to the conclusion that I have a high cervix but also a quite narrow and tight vagina.  I’ve currently been trying to use a lily cup size a for months.  I’m 31.. no kids and I’m quite in tune with my anatomy.  No matter what I do I can’t shove the thing up there and get it to open… I’ve read multiple forums and watched multiple YouTube videos to no avail.  I’ve tried multiple folds for months.. different positions of inserting.. no matter what it never seems to open and I just leak and leak.  I’ve tried pushing against the wall and making it open on itself but I have noticed that it seems to always be folded over on itself.  I’ve read that when its opened properly you should be able to twist it.. what?!  That thing is squished in there so tightly it’s not even possible.  I’m about at my wit’s end.  It seems so convenient for me.. but not when I have to use pads with it!  I’m so frustrated… I’ve literally been trying so hard for almost a year but I always end up going back to tampons ?.  What am I doing wrong?  Is it my anatomy?  

Red Herring Answered question January 29, 2019