I’m new here..I used a menstrual cup for around 8 years. Last spring I started having knee pain that went up the knee to the right side of my pelvis. My thigh, knee and right pelvic area would hurt. Basically right hip down to my knee. It was excruciating. I quit using my cup (back in October), after months of pain, and the pain went away. I do have a low sitting cervix. I LOVED my cup. I was using Diva cup at the time. I also love naturcup. I have to have thicker silicone or my pelvic floor slams it shut. I’m 33, no children . Has anyone had this problem and is there a cup they use that works? I’m a huge supporter of menstrual cups..any suggestions? Or anyone with this issue? I am anti tampon for many reasons so I am stuck with pads..I also have 3 to 4 really, really heavy days..i have to wear overnight pads during the day.. suggestions anyone. I do not want to go on birth control which is what doctors do..it’s a band aid for women like me. Suggestions?

Red Herring Answered question April 27, 2021