I am pretty new to using menstrual cups. This is my third period attempting to use them. I have a really high cervix normally, but during parts of my period it drops to be really low. During my first period, I tried the Lily Cup (because of the high cervix). It worked really well the first 2 days and I had no problems with insertion other than some fiddling during the first insertion. On the 3rd day, my cervix dropped really low and the cup was very uncomfortable. For the next two periods I tried the Lily Cup Compact and the MeLuna (can’t remember the size but its the one made for a short cervix but it is firmer than the Lily Compact). Both times I have had the same problem: no issues with insertion and opening the cup the first two days, but on the 3rd day I cannot get the cup to open using any fold I have tried (c fold, 7 fold, punchdown). With all three folds the cup ends up inserted and in a c fold position and will not pop open. My vagina also feels much tighter on the 3rd day and insertion isn’t as comfortable or easy. I thought it might be cervix position related, but during this latest period when I was having the issue, my cervix was still really high at the time and not low like with the 1st and 2nd periods. Anyone have any suggestions for me? I really like using a cup and would like to figure this out so I don’t have to switch to tampons for the end of my cycle. 🙁

Red Herring Answered question June 6, 2018