I have recently been trying to move over to use menstrual cups. I did some research and took the plunge and bought a Diva Cup. I can insert the cup fine but I never seem to be able to get it in high enough. When I wipe after peeing the cup is poking out of my vagina, and sometimes even when standing I can feel it through the skin on either side of my vagina. Is this normal? I’ve heard girls say they can’t notice them at all when in so I feel like this isn’t how they are meant to be. I even bought a second one (a moon cup) but have the same problem with is one. And maybe 50% of the time it feels like it gives me a stomach ache. I’ve never had problem with tampons so don’t know what’s going on. Any advice?!

(Sorry if I have posted this a few times – I can’t seem to get it to work!)

Red Herring Answered question November 10, 2019