Last month, on the last day of my cycle, I purchased the diva cup. The first time I tried it, it worked great. I did not pee during those hours. It worked great, no leak, I could actually see the blood inside the cup and it was comfortable.

I used it after just to get the practice of putting it in. When I peed I had a problem. I went to pee and the cup felt extremely full and heavy. I tried to pee and only a trickle came out. I removed the cup and the pee gushed out. The cup was full of pee that has been sitting in it. Not only that, it smelled bad since the pee had been sitting in it for a while.

Yesterday I saw a spot of blood twice when wiping so I decided let me try the cup again because I’m excited about having it.

I put it in. Feels comfortable. Go pee. Pee regularly comes out but at the very end of the steam, cup begins to feel heavy. I remove, again pee inside.  I rinse and put back.

What an I doing wrong? Is it the position? I have a low cervix, is that the problem? I know it’s inserted all the way, only the stem is near my entrance.

tig Answered question December 28, 2023