I have had four natural births and am 45 years old. I have regularly worn a mentrual cup for years until about a year ago. I used to wear it both for period time and for a little extra support when I trained heavily in sport for bladder control. It worked a treat until one day it fell out, twice! I stopped using it after that except every now and again. I began to notice extreme mental unease whenever I wore it. I was so frightened it would fall out again. I stopped using it all together. I tried again months ago, I found it uncomfortable physically. I stopped again. I tried it again yesterday. I felt positive and kept calm but within minutes I realised not only was I physically uncomfortable, I was in pain. I removed the cup but still had physical pain for the next 45 mins. I have no issues with pain during sex or using a yoni ball. Do you have any idea what is going on?

Red Herring Answered question June 2, 2021