So I recently bought a DivaCup (size 1 because I’m 18 and have pretty heavy flow) for the first time and I’ve started using it a day ago. But now I’m literally too scared of using it again because of the pain.
I find it pretty painful to put in, especially when it comes to my vagina hole (it feels like the Diva Cup is too big and is tearing at my hole even if I fold it in 4). I also feel like putting my fingers in there hurts pretty bad even though I do it in the shower so I’m kinda lubbed up with the water (and I cut my nails).
When I take it out, my fingers are literally in pain and shaking because my walls are squeezing the cup so hard and even though I’ve squeezed the base (not the stem mind you), last time I did it it just felt like I was pulling my cervix out and it was the grossest feeling ever. Like I never want to feel that again (it wasn’t painful, it was just a lotta pressure). Also, just trying to insert my fingers inside while the cup is in there is painful (like I’m ripping/scratching my walls).
So I’m wondering if it’s normal for it to feel this way? Maybe I’m not doing it correctly or maybe the cup is too big? Thx for the answers!

alice Answered question August 25, 2021