I have 3 different cups/discs and none of them work. I need help finding an i between cup.
Background info-
Cervix- medium
Flow- extremely heavy

The First cup I tried is the Lilly cup size A- this is not a bad cup but I could not get it to open all the way or when it was open the sides were still squished in and it leaked. I also have a very heavy flow and had to empty it every 2 hours.

Next I tried the luma medium disc- I like the disc, and it fits me well, but the basin of it gets very squished so the capacity is low. I like the auto dumping with my heavy flow but it is very messy afterwards. The disc shape seems to fit well but it leaks- especially at night because of my flow. The leaking during the day could be because of the firmness of the rim or just because of the capacity issue.

My newest trial was with the Venus size large- which worked well with no leaks during the day and the capacity is great, but it gave me awful cramps and put a lot of pressure on my bladder and made me owe slower. I had almost no trouble with it opening, but sometimes I just walked around until it opened. It also leaked at night. I am not sure if the pressure and cramps are because of the size, shape or the firmness.

I need help deciding which cup to try next. I don’t know what to choose because I have had trouble with cups opening but also with pressure on my bladder. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Red Herring Answered question February 6, 2023