I’ve tried multiple menstrual cups and have consistently had trouble getting a good seal. After much confusion, I realized my cervix is off center to the right, and when it’s lower (varies between average and high), the cup just slips past it. 

What I’ve tried-

1. Divacup- tried for about a year, never could get a reliable seal. Often difficult to remove.

Lena- tried once, worked it’s way pretty far up so it was super hard to reach to remove. Consequently, have not tried since.

Liky- Have tried both sizes for the past 3-4 months. 60% of the time, works well, 40% either won’t open/ends up next to rather than under my cervix (presumably depending upon height any given day?)

I thought of trying discs instead, but not thrilled with how messy they are (or, at least the disposable softcups are) by comparison 

any advice would be welcome. I

Red Herring Answered question June 21, 2018