Hello!  I’m 37 and I’ve had one C-section, one miscarriag, and one still birth.  And several weeks after the still birth I hemmoraged and almost died.  My period still gives me anxiety because of that and I really wanted to try a menstural cup, I think it could really be a good thing for me.  I tried a diva cup size 2.  I’m having a little trouble getting it to open up, but while I am wearing it, it is wonderful, I barely even realize it is there!  But when I try to take it out I’m having issues.  I start taking it out and I slide my finger up  to break the seal and start pulling it out but when I get it almost out I have horrible pain, to the point that I after using it a few time I can’t stand to use it anymore.   The Dr has always told me that I am small, and I had to have the C-section for that reason.  I don’t know if I am taking it out wrong, or if it is too big, or if I’m just too sensitive.  I haven’t been able to use tampons since the C-section  becausee they are uncomfortable.  I’m pretty sure I have a medium cervix, I did have some cramping because I think the diva is too long.  Do you have any advice on what cup would be best? Thanks. 

Red Herring Answered question July 21, 2018