I’m 34; have had 2 births but never engaged/dilated/delivered vaginally (2 c-sections; was told by many docs my pelvis is far too narrow – i have no idea if pelvis shape effects specifically vaginal or cervical shape/size).

I first tried a divacup size 2 – extraordinarily painful. I can get it in, but it doesn’t seem to open and hurts while inside (uncomfortable pressure) and getting it out is torturous.

I then took the MeLuna quiz and bought the smaller classic Meluna. Compared to the Divacup 2, it’s like half the size. It’s very comfortable and I don’t feel it – but it’s leaking. When I remove it, the cup isn’t empty so it is clearly catching plenty – but the leaking is obviously not ideal.

Did I just try 2 far sides of the spectrum in terms of sizing and that’s why I am not having luck? Should I size up from the MeLuna Classic smaller size? Could I just be inserting it incorrectly? Or could it just be because of a heavier than usual flow (post 2nd kid, I have a very heavy early period – changing a super tampon every 2 hours – for the first day or 2 and then VERY light after that…don’t know if this will continue or change back since I’m still under 1yr from my hormones returning to normal).


Red Herring Answered question April 26, 2020