I’m new to cups, have only used a Fluercup for 3 periods. I’m having a lot of difficulty with it. I have to spend 20 minutes and several attempts to get it to open. it isn’t comfortable as I can feel it the whole time. I can’t pee with it in, as in nothing will come out. And even farting makes me feel like it lost it’s suction and I have to reinsert. And it’s filling up too fast. I have about 24 hours of really heavy flow and in 20 hours I had to empty the cup, which was full, 5 times. I have 3 young children and coach/participate in several sports, I want a cup that lasts longer. I think I have average cervix height, when inserted I make it to my second knuckle. However, my obgyn told me I have a long cervix. She said mine was a little over an inch and that the average cervix is 0.6 inches. Also, the fluercup is painful for me to remove, just feels like it’s too big around. Although, the length of the fluercup seems to be ok. 

Can you recommend another cup? I was looking at the femmecycle, but worry the bulbous shape. 

I am 35 and have had 3 vaginal deliveries.

Red Herring Answered question May 4, 2018