Hi there!

I’ll try to keep it short..

I’m about 50kg, approaching 30 years old, have not given birth before and am semi-active with exercising. Medium-low cervix. Have used cups for a few years now.

I’ve been using MyCup size 2 large + large Fleurcup, and have some issues that I’m confused over – hoping somebody could help..

Fleurcup is fantastic, opens up in 2 seconds for me every time and removing it is easy with no mess whatsoever. I don’t feel any crampings too. However sometimes I feel that it’s not completely sealed (even though I’ve checked that it always is) and I can feel some wetness at times with it inside on my heavier days. I’ve only had it leak on me once. This led me to think that maybe I need a different shaped cup to prevent this feeling.

So I tried MyCup size 2 and found that I’ve NEVER ever had any leaks, but I feel the urge to pee every few minutes. Sometimes I get cramps much more with this cup. MyCup is so wide that I can’t actually fit a finger up to the rim to check if it’s fully opened, so I can only do that at the base of the cup. I find it difficult to open most of the time, and always makes me wish that I had the Fleurcup boiled instead. However I really do love MyCup because it has measuring lines that I can record into my app if I need to talk to my GP, and that it’s never ever failed me in terms of leaking. I just don’t like how it sometimes blocks my bladder, and is always messy to remove on heavy days.

I have tried MyCup size 1 and Sckooncup size 1, but had leaking issues with them, even though they were both SO comfortable. I’m very interested in trying a large Sckooncup to see if that would be more suitable for me in terms of its softness.

Question 1: Does it sound like I need a large softer cup that is bell-shaped?

Question 2: I really love cups with measuring lines + colours. Is there a cup out there with measuring lines that is perhaps softer and with fun colours?

Sorry for making this post so long. Hoping to find some answers..


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