I got my first cup this past winter. I’m 32, my cervix is average (about second knuckle deep), have had vaginal births and I’m pretty active- usually workout everyday. I got the fluercup s/l set. They both are uncomfortable and difficult to open. I’ve tried different folds and letting it open and pushing it up, which works. But that kind of hurts at the opening of my vagina (maybe because of birth scar tissue?) and takes a long time. And the cups are uncomfortable while wearing it, it feels pinchy (best way I can think to describe it) on the bottom of my vagina, I guess under where my cervix is. I just keep feeling that both cups are too big around, even though I’ve had vaginal births. It’s also causing a slow urine stream. 

My other isssue is that I have about 24 hours where my flow is heavy. I’m having to change the large cup (28 ml)  every 2-3 hours. I’m afraid to even leave the house on this day unless I wear 2 super tampons. But the other days my flow is realatively light, after 12 hours I have just a little in my small cup. I would like to get another cup, but should I get a cup that has a high capacity for one day of heavy flow and just not worry if it’s a bit uncomfortable because of size. Or, just get a smaller cup and suck it up and change my cup more often? I feel like there is no cup out there that has everything I want and I cannot afford to try different cups. Help me find a cup that can work for me! ??

Red Herring Answered question June 21, 2018