Hello. I really love the idea of using a menstrual cup and I bought a Sckoon (size 1) a couple years ago. I used it for five or six periods before giving up (partially due to leaking and mostly due to discomfort).

Today I tried using it again, but it started hurting after not very long and I couldn’t bear to keep it in. Even after removal my cervix continued to hurt for hours.

I’m pretty sure I managed to get the seal correctly (although it still leaked a little, but I’m fine with that) and I believe I’m inserting it properly.

When I insert it I think it’s in the right location; it’s low enough that I can feel it by inserting my finger up to about my first or second knuckle. After wearing it for some time, it gets really deep and I feel like it’s pressing either on my cervix or around it. When I take it out I have to dig really deep and use the full length of my fingers to grasp the base.

I was hoping someone here would know enough about cups to know what’s going wrong (I think the cup is the wrong shape or size for me?) and what I can do about it (I was thinking I need a different one, but I don’t know what needs to be different about it).

I don’t actually know if I have a high or low, long or short cervix. I’ve tried feeling for it before but I’m not sure I ever found it, which makes me think it’s generally high. I’m planning to go digging for it again when it stops hurting.

Red Herring Answered question May 3, 2020