Hello! I’m on my first cycle using a cup. It’s my third day, right when my flow gets heavy. What I’ve noticed is when I remove the cup, not a lot of blood is in there. That’s a non-issue, I get that the volume of blood is actually much less than what it would seem like on a pad or tampon. But my issue is right after removing the cup, lots – and I mean lots – of blood comes pouring out after it. Why doesn’t that blood collect *inside* the cup? The cup obviously wasn’t full or overflowing yet, it barely had anything in there (mostly mucus-like stuff that I’m guessing is discharge and some blood clumps). My cup experience would’ve been great otherwise because it’s never leaked, but the mess that comes with the removal is stressing me out. I just expected it to work like a… well like a cup that collects the liquid inside of it, but right now it’s more like a plug, and when I remove it I unleash the red sea between my legs. Does this mean it’s inserted or positioned wrong? I assumed it’s not since I don’t get leaks.

Red Herring Answered question December 17, 2021