Hey I have a few questions. I just got through my first cycle of using the Lena small menstrual cup. For the most part it went good. On my last day I had difficulty reaching my cup as it had moved up while I was sleeping. I got it out eventually but am a little nervous for using it again. I even opted to using a pad for the last bit of my period since I was super sore even hours later. I found I have a high cervix and possibly tilted (it sits off to the left side). I noticed my cup tended to sit slightly to that side and just originally thought it was how I inserted it but it always moved to the side. Between it moving to the side and sliding up after insertion it was rather difficult to reach and the stem would occasionally be bothersome when it sat to the side but I don’t want to cut it since I already have issues reaching it. I also noticed more cramping and pressure on my bladder and wondered if getting a sensitive/softer cup would be beneficial or more difficult. I am 21, sexually active but no kids and as far as exercise I do yoga and I go to the gym a couple times a week. I definitely didn’t have leaks and actually has surprisingly not much blood when I emptied it only around the 12 hour mark. Since this is only the first cycle I’m sure some of it may just get better after a few cycles but would like any advice on methods or possibly other cups to try. Thanks in advance!

Red Herring Answered question January 19, 2020