This is my second cycle using the cup. The first one I thought I got the hang of it, but I’m 2 days in and had felt it a bit but thought nothing of it, just a mild discomfort, and I have a high pain threshold so maybe I should have investigated sooner. during removal tonight I felt the side of my vagina a little swollen, so decided I’d remove it and use a pad. I later decided to take a look with a mirror and was horrified that I’ve been given a visible sore on the side of my vagina. It doesn’t hurt an awful lot but feels swollen and looks a bit like a hemarroid (TMI, sorry) has this happened anyone else?! I’m I permanently scarred? I don’t want to go to the hospital inless I really have to? Has anyone else got badly irritated by the stem? Any suggestions on how to help this? Obviously I’m going to use pads for the rest of the cycle!

Red Herring Answered question September 13, 2019