hi, I know my body very well and I’m also a health professional. I started using a mentrual cup 1 month ago and immediately had problems. It was trickier to insert than I imagined and even trickier to remove. I’m 46 years old, had two children in my late teens, early twenties so over 24 years ago. I regularly do pelvic floor exercises but still have a low cervix at times. I wear an IUD.  

What is happening is that the cup is moving high up and suctioning around my cervix and then pulling it down. As the cervix and part of my vagina wall is drawn right down into the cup it is really hard to break the seal and causing cramps when I wear it. This does not feel healthy and the cervix is sitting unusually low when I eventually get the cup off. I’ve read plenty of blogs where advice says the cup can’t possibly cause so much suction to cause problems but this is my experience. I checked my cup and it only had two holes for breaking the seal, I have now added a further 4 so have 6, the four I added are slightly larger too, I used a leather hole puncher so they are true holes, but the same problems occurred this month even more so. I turned the cup 360 once inserted and ensured it was comfortable and well placed but it still travelled up and attached itself to my cervix and drew it in ( my cervix and vaginal walls are a little loose from childbirth so allow this movement. Sometimes certain activity can cause a temporary prolapse of my cervix which causes cramping until it settles down and moves back into position. This is the pain I am experiencing when wearing the cup). My question is will a different size or shape help? I think my pelvic floor muscles are in quite good shape for my age. I really want to wear a cup but don’t want to cause myself internal damage or stress to my connective and support tissue.

the cup I bought was a daisy cup size 2 off amazon. I now know this is a copy not a branded cup and wondred whether a different shape would work better for me.

Anonymous Answered question December 5, 2021