I recently started using Pee Safe small-size menstrual cup. this is my second month of using it. My first cycle went smooth except for the insertion and removal part. In my second cycle, insertion and removal have become easy but my cup has been leaking quite a bit. It’s not even full or even 5ml filled. It’s not the spotting from the base or step. I’m sure that it’s going in and opening right up. My cervix is high, like a full finger in high, if that accounts for this problem. I could go and troubleshoot the leakage but.. it’s the change in the smell of the cup that’s killing me. On my third day of the period, after I took the cup out, I noticed that the cup is smelling bad. I researched about it and couldn’t figure out if it’s like cheese or fishy. Today also the cup smells the same. I’ll soak it in the vinegar+water mixture and boil it afterward. But the smell is concerning. To me, it smells like a bag of rice. There are no other bad symptoms going on as well, just the smell.

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