I have had a rocky relationship with menstrual cups. I want to love them, but it just seems like they don’t quite fit. I have tried many different folds, and the only one that I can even get them in with is a push down fold. It seems like it never goes in far enough (no matter how much I try to push it in), sometimes doesn’t pop open (I have tried all the techniques: twisting it, pulling down, pushing on the sides, ect.), and it occasionally leaks (though not enough to be problematic, it still seems to collect most of the blood). It also hurts while it’s in, it feels crampy and like there is a lot of pressure on my bladder. I have two different cups, one is firmer while the other is softer and more flexible. I have the same issues with both.

I also have pain with inserting and removing tampons, and with sex. I have been told by my partner, who has been with several other people, that I am very small “down there” compared to other women. So I guess I’m wondering, could this be an anatomical problem? Are the cups just simply too big for me? Or could there be some underlying issue causing these problems? Has anyone else had a similar situation and have any advice for me?

Red Herring Answered question December 13, 2021