I got the Duchess Cup a few months ago and used it for the first time last month. Before that I had done several dry runs while standing and could never get my cup open. It was really frustrating and got to a point where I was hurting myself. Then when I got my period I tried putting it in while sitting and it was so much easier. Even though it would take about 30min I could get it open a couple of times. 

What normally happens is I put it in and leave the bottom part out and let it open up then push it in. The problem is it stays a little flat on one side. I can turn it completely and move it from side to side but it stills stays a little flat which when I stand up eventually flattens up completely and causes leakage. I’ve tried every tip I could find. My cervix is very high so I can’t really feel it. Also, when I try letting it open before pushing it in sometimes it hurts while I’m pushing it in. Whenever I try putting in completely and then letting it open it doesn’t, it stays completely flat. 

I really need some help because I get really frustrated and end up trying and trying to no avail and I end up getting really sore and sometimes even bleed.