Hi There!

I am so disappointed in my first experience using a menstrual cup. I did not have the common problem of having trouble removing it, my issue was with when it was positioned in place. I rarely get cramps when I am on my period, I have always been this way, yet when I placed the menstrual cup in place before bed, I experienced the worst cramps of my entire life all night long. Finally waking up at 4am to remove the cup because I was in so much pain. When I did actually remove the cup, it was so painful I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. After cleaning up and getting back into bed I began researching and eventually found myself here. I need help! I purchased the MeLuna in “standard medium classic firmness”. To me it felt too large but when I reached out to their customer service they told me it was the right size and that I should try “leaving more air in the cup so it’s not suctioning so hard”. I did everything the directions said so am I right in feeling that it was too big for my body? SOS.


Red Herring Answered question October 9, 2020