Dear Anakalia ??

Thank you so much for all your wonderful and excellent guidance. I’ve really appreciated watching several of you video guides on how to find the best menstrual cup for my different anatomies and flows. 
I’m still wondering if I can ask your advice in which cup you would recommend for me? My first cup didn’t go very well with me. 
I choose the Lena Sensitive Small, cause of my sensitive bladder and medium- light flow. I believe my pelvic muscles are normal strength, just sensitive bladder after 2 previous pyelitis infections (bladder infection spread to pelvic and kidney) several year ago. I’m 32 years and no children, yet 🙂  
The first problem I’ve had with the Lena Sensitive Small has been that it often doesn’t open completely right away, I can feel a dent on the cup body next to the pubic bone. I have to move the cup a little bit around sometimes before the dent is gone, or reinsert it. The other problem besides opening and sealing is that it has been leaking. Not a lot, but enough that I have to wear liners. The leaking will find place at any time the cup is inside, the first few hours and also after many hours, even though the cup has never reached more than half full top. I don’t know if this is just the blood that is already on the vaginal walls when inserted, that comes out slowly little by little, or if it’s a leak due to lack of suction seal. I don’t know if the suction seal has popped itself due to the soft cup, or if it was never sealed, and the cup just resting in the vagina. I honestly have felt it very hard to understand if there has been made a suction or not when inserting, cause when I check it I feel like I’m breaking the potentially suction that might have already occurred. And when I’ve removed the cup I’ve pinched the base of the cup body, and heard the sound of suction breaking. 
I’ve tried all the different folds, and tried to wear the cup further down. I’ve found it less leaking when positioned further down, and also more comfortable wearing. But I had to cut the steam almost completely down since it was irritating the vagina opening. The base of the Lena Sensitive Small is about 2-2,5cm up from the opening. I’ve been finding it most comfortable to insert the cup when squatting, but I’m open to try insert when placing one leg on a chair instead if this might be better. 
Here are some info for selecting a cup:
?Cervix –  medium height during menstruation, middle knuckle, (slighter on lower side if I have to choose low or high). Tilted more to left body side during menstruation. Measured when squatting position. 
?Flow –     Medium – light 
?Anatomy –  sensitive bladder, more sensitive                           during menstruation, probably cause of higher osmosis then, more swollen in the womb and lower region of belly when bleeding, pushing the bladder, and maybe some endometriosis. Believe pelvic muscles are normal strength. 
?Activity  – medium, or high ? 
? Age 32, none childbirths yet, no IUD 

I’m a little bit afraid of trying out the stiffer cups, 
due to the bladder sensitivity. I’m medium to high active, doing ashtanga yoga, where the pelvic muscles are being tightened. 

I’ve been wondering if should try the 
Lunette model 1. Trying out a small cup that has a medium firmness. Do you think this would be a good one for me to try out now??  ? Or do you have any other cups in mind you would recommend for me? ???? 
Forgot to say, 
I’ve spent many periods (6 I believe) getting to know and figure out the Lena Sensitive Small. I told the Lena company about my difficulties and experience, and they were very kind at the customer service, giving good advices and quick response. They offered my a complimentary cup, the Lena classic small. I’m a little intimidated with this one, since it’s supposed to be one of the firmer cups (?). 
Sorry this letter got so long ? felt there was a lot of information to consider before choosing a cup ???? 
Thank you so much for your guidance ???? 
Best wishes,

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