I would like to ask for helps or reccommendations from anyone who might have similar experience as mine.


Me Luna Classic S & Me Luna Sport S are both leaking after the cups are filled at half of them

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I bought Me Luna Classic S as my first cup, for the first 4 months it was perfect! My life was much easier with it.

Then, at month 5th, it started to leak when the cup was filled around 3/4 of the cup. After that, it even leaked when the cup was filled only half. I was unsure of what happen but I noticed that when I tried to take it out, I felt the rim of the cup was a bit fold even I was super sure I inserted it properly. My conclusion was perhap my vaginal was getting stronger, so I decided to find a stronger cup. Which is why I bought Me Luna Sport S, but the same thing happens on and on.

So I would like to ask what should I do? Should I change to bigger size or try other shapes?

Thank you in advance 🙂

Red Herring Answered question June 16, 2021