So I’ve been using the menstrual cup for maybe close to 6 months now. At first, I used a very cheap cup and barely any blood got in the cup. So I thought, it was just because it wasnt a well made cup so I bought a Lena cup. It seemed work better. At least sometimes it would work, it would fill up properly. But sometimes I would have issues. On and off. Started my period yesterday. And the cup hasnt caught almost any blood. I have tried different folds. I have done my best to make sure it has popped. I’ve read that you need to find your cervix. I’ve looked up how to find it and watched videos. I still cant find it. But it doesnt matter. I can put it up high, or low and it would catch blood. I’m getting so frustrated. I thought it was such a great thing when it worked. But now in 2 days it hasnt caught more than a few small drops of blood. I’m tired of wearing pads with it and I’m so close to going back to tampons. I was super excited for this but I dont know what else I can do to make it work. Any advice would be amazing.

Emilyjones01 Answered question November 14, 2019