Hi there, I have been trying to transition to using a menstrual cup for the last 3 or 4 cycles and I have been unable to resolve a frustrating problem of continual leakage (sometimes spotting, sometimes more. But I can never risk going without a panty liner). I am using an Organicup (now called AllMatters) size A and also intermittently trying a Mooncup size B but I have the same problem with both.

(I prefer the Organicup because the Mooncup feels too bulky and the rim is very thick which I find painful to insert and remove, but in any case they both seem to cause leaking so I assume the problem is more with insertion/placement somehow?)

I am unable to tell if the cup has opened properly – I can tell the rim is open all the way round but sometimes the body of the cup feels slightly flattened because of being compressed by the vaginal walls (I think I have a quite reactive pelvic floor). Is that normal, or by ‘open’ must the cup be as open as it appears outside the vagina?? If so I can’t see how I could adjust this…

I checked and seem to have a high cervix (my finger goes all the way in to the knuckle).

I have to take blood thinners for a medical issue, which makes my flow heavy but also watery, I don’t know if that could be the issue, but I understand people with heavy flow can use cups fine, and the leakage occurs even when there is little in the cup.

I use a ‘punchdown’ fold as I found all the others left the cup feeling too big for insertion.

Any advice gratefully received!

Red Herring Answered question October 5, 2021